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ZEN World

We design and manufacture glasses for people who seek to escape monotony, creating a perfect symbiosis between the glasses and the individual, as an extension of the person.

Our strength: Our product. We focus on what we know how to do. Our philosophy is based on the concept: "Just the product", we think down to the smallest detail, taking care of every last finish. We always seek the highest quality through innovation in processes and materials. Functionality is just the foundation. We design, produce, manufacture and distribute our product, controlling each phase, to guarantee that the product that reaches your hands will meet each of your expectations. Each of our glasses have a serial number that identifies them in a limited production of 250 units.

Bet on what is different, on color, without detracting from the protagonist, you!

We reuse raw materials for a greater eco-responsible process, the important thing is not the material, but the use made of it.

We have been designing and manufacturing glasses for more than 40 years, always in a constant and infinite revolution. A new collection every 2 months, because a design trend does not imply unification, but re-interpretation.