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ZEN World

We design and manufacture frames for people looking to get out of the conventional,
but respecting their personality, there must be a perfect symbiosis between
the frame and the user,
as an extension of the person.
We focus a lot on the product, on the details, on the finishes and we believe that our strength is our product,
focusing on doing what we know how to do.
A minimalist context so as not to detract from the protagonism of the product:
"Just the product".
"Fun is the opposite of boring, it has nothing to do with serious."
This is what a person wearing a ZEN mount should convey.
Betting on what is different, on color, without being the protagonist,
the protagonist must be the person
wearing our frame.
Social, environmental and cultural awareness.
Tradition as a learning, not as a limit.
Constant and infinite revolution.
A current of design does not imply unification but re-interpretation.
We design, produce, manufacture and distribute our product,
controlling each part of each process is the only way to ensure that the product
in your hands will meet each of your expectations.
Quality through innovation in
processes and materials.
Custom production and limited to
100 units per color.
Numbered products, because not all frames are for everyone.
Re-use of raw materials for a more
eco-responsible process.
The important thing is not the material, but the use made of it.
Functionality is only the foundation.
A new collection every 2 months, a constant revolution, always on the move.
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Simplified)